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Space Patrol Luluco

Ship Rotate


Luluco Overview

Animated by Studio Trigger and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, Space Patrol Luluco is about a highschool girl being forced to join the space patrol. By the end of the series, Luluco ends up becoming the connnecting link in the "Trigger universe."

Space Patrol Luluco is a 13 episode series with each episode being compressed into 7 minutes of runtime.

Style & Noteworthy Scenes

Luluco Chopstick

Luluco makes use of limited animation. Some cuts are incredibly simplistic while others are chock full of movement. This plays into the show's style and I think that both aspects are worth studying. The key frames used during the limited animation portions are particularly strong. If you're familiar with Imaishi's style of animation you'll know what to expect.

Almost every scene in the climax is worth studying: key frames, camera framing, camera movement, color palette, etc. The scene of Luluco on the ship (the gif at the top of the website) was all key framed and in-betweened on paper.

-If you're into mechanical transformations you can study the "Justice Gun Morphing" scenes and the finale gun transformation.

-A cut with particularly fantastic camera movement and action is when Luluco fights Blackholeian (monster form).

-If I'm talking about noteworthy animated scenes in this show I'm obligated to mention "Over Justice Standing/ Gun Morphing."

-Almost every scene uses strong key frames, so if exaggeration interests you, choose whatever episode you like.


Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill shares a nearly identical animation style to this show. If you enjoy the style I would recommend taking a look if you haven't already. I also recommend Petite Princess Yucie.